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Dog Gloves with Christian Love ✝

8+ Ways to Use Them

Pick Up Poop ✔️

Wipe the Floor ✔️

Pick Up Dog Hair ✔️

Prep the Food ✔️

Wipe the Paws ✔️

Clean the Crate ✔️

Bathe the Dogs ✔️

Wash the Bowls ✔️

We are a different kind of Dog Accessory!

Meet your new FAVORITE glove...

Here are highlights on the GLOVE you'll LOVE:

✅ 50% bag + 50% glove

✅ Leak Proof

✅ 2x thicker than bags

✅ Biodegradeable

✅ Pre-ripped & individually folded, so no more fighting with a roll than unravels on you! 🙁

✅ 8+ ways to use them (SO much more than a regular, flimsy bag)

✅ 100% money-back guarantee

The Glove You'll Love...

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Our Customers Love Us

" At first I thought these were on the higher end price point. However, after using these, they are the highest quality poop bags I’ve ever used. They are super thick so I’m not worried about touching the poop & feels cleaner. THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING. I will be purchasing again. I was highly surprised with the packing & the process of how it was sent. The quality of this bag is durable. Strongest bag I have used so far. Makes clean up easy & breezy! "
Noble Pets Customer
" These gloves are so genius. I don't know why regular poop bags aren't like this, but these gloves have changed my whole dog-walk game. I can't imagine going back to the unpleasantness of the common flimsy square bags. AWESOME product!!! "
Noble Pets Customer
" Once you try Noble Pets products, it's hard to go back to the flimsy and cheap pet bags that are not fun at all to use. My walks with my dog are much easier with these bags! Using them feels more sanitary to use, it's easy to grab a bag at a time, it's never unraveled or ripped apart, and the long sides make it easy to tie up or carry. Thank you so much. "
Noble Pets Customer
" I really like the design of this product, and how the bag covers your hand entirely to prevent getting any poop on yourself. The entire design is very convenient, and definitely a win when it comes to poop bags! "
Noble Pets Customer

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