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The Life-Changing Way to Pick Up Poop that Every Dog Owner Needs to Know (2021 Style)

SHOP OUR PRODUCTS Let’s get real. Times have changed. We use wipes after touching groceries, doors, people…basically anything. Yet most of us, don’t even use wipes after picking up poop. Say whattttt…we know! That was us! We figure, if the world’s changing, then we gotta up our game too when it comes to potty duty. … Read more

Why Are We Using The WRONG Bag To Pick Up Poop Everyday?

SHOP OUR PRODUCTS Fair warning, in about 5 minutes, your life is going to change. It’s a big declaration, but you’ll understand soon. Because the reality is that we all use the same type of bag to pick up poop. Sure, “there are options” such as…biodegradeable, compostable, 500 pack, 1,000 pack, black, green, bigger, smaller… … Read more