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The Life-Changing Way to Pick Up Poop that Every Dog Owner Needs to Know (2022 Style)

Let’s get real.

Times have changed. We use wipes after touching groceries, doors, people…basically anything.

Yet most of us, don’t even use wipes after picking up poop. Say whattttt…we know!

That was us!

We figure, if the world’s changing, then we gotta up our game too when it comes to potty duty.

Here’s a full tutorial on a game-changing method to picking up poop.

2022 style…

Grab Your Bag

Put on Your Hand

Pick Up the Poop

Turn Inside Out

Grab a Treat

Give to your Dog

Grab a Wipe

Wipe your Hands

Toss Wipe into Bag

Tie Bag Closed

Tie Bag to Leash


Many of us pick up poop, purely out of true love for earth.

Many of us do it to avoid social pressure & shame from dog park people.

Regardless of your reasons, try out this new process.

It’s a game-changer & you’ll never be able to go back to your existing process ever again.