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5 Easy Ways to Entertain Your Dog at Home

All dogs love to have fun and go on exciting new adventures, but sometimes your schedule just won’t allow it!  You can entertain your dog at home with a few simple tricks. Here are some ideas for activities that you can do when you’re stuck indoors:

1.   Play hide and seek – this is a classic game that any dog will enjoy!  Hide your dog’s favorite toy or treat somewhere in the house and then let him find it.  You can increase the difficulty level by making them use their nose to sniff out the object, or by hiding it somewhere that requires more effort to get to.

2.    Practice sit & stay – this is is a trick where your dog holds a position on command.  It can be hard for some dogs to stay still for this long, but make it easier by not asking your dog to sit for too long of a time period.  You can entertain them with treats or by having fun with another game like Hide and Seek while they wait!

3.    Teach a new trick – teaching your dog new tricks is also a great activity.  Not only will it entertain them, but you’ll get to bond with your dog by spending quality time together.  There are different tricks that can challenge your dog in different ways. For example, teaching them how to play dead requires they know the “sit” command and they stay still for a long time.

4.    Do “fetch” in a garage or large space inside – “fetch” is a classic dog game that everyone loves!  It’s easy to entertain your dog and you for this one: all you need is a favorite toy or ball, and then play like normal until they drop it.  Once they do, get excited and flail around like a madman.  They will be so excited to see you being so silly that they’ll probably run as fast as they can to pick up the toy again! If you have a garage, that is a perfect place to play fetch, especially if it’s cold or rainy outside.

5.    Make some homemade dog toys – This one is especially fun & it’s a win-win to keep you both having fun together during the day.  You can entertain your dog with their favorite chew toy, or make them a new ball out of an old sweater or sock. After you’ve made it, get ready for an hour of fun fetching in the house!

Remember that every dog is different, so entertain your dog accordingly to what they like.  Not all dogs are interested in playing fetch or hide and seek, but some might be up for learning some new tricks! These are just a few of the many ways that you can entertain your dog at home.  Try some out and see which work best for both of you!