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When I got my dog, it was one of the happiest days I can remember. 

Her tail was wagging, along with the rest of her butt.

I couldn’t wait to take her home. I opened the door & it only took about 2 mins until it happened. 

She squatted right away. 

Suddenly, I realized that I’d be picking up poop every day.

Could anything make it better?

Well, I didn’t love how hard it was to open a poop bag. And once I finally got it open, it wasn’t easy to grab things. 

Most often, I succeeded in getting a lot of dirt, but failed to get 100% of the poop. 

I didn’t mention that the bag choices were black or army green, but you gotta pick your battles.

All those problems occur after fighting with a huge roll that makes it impossible to rip. 

Where does it rip & why is it so hard to see? 

Why am I attaching 100+ poop bags to my leash when my dog only goes a couple times. 

Army green & 100 bags…it’s like I’m preparing for war. 

Not a leisure walk with my angel. 

This was my life for the next couple years. Until one day, everything changed.

Scene of the Crime

I lived in San Francisco and walked my dog to work every day. (She’s a service animal.) 

She went #2 (right on the Embarcadero sidewalk) & a gentleman with nice dress shoes was coming behind us. 

Oh no. This #2 was messier than most & I couldn’t get everything. I tried scraping with the regular poop bag, but it wasn’t working. 

He was coming…quicker & quicker. He must’ve been from New York. 

I tried to tell him to walk around us, but his headphones were in & he clearly didn’t want to be interrupted.

You knew it was coming…his shoe met with my dog’s #2.

Most of the rest of that story is blocked out but I do remember thinking… “Why does it have to be this difficult? Why don’t we use gloves to pick up poop?” 

That night, I drew a redesign of poop bags…50% glove + 50% bag.

Once I got them made, I knew I could never go back to regular bags. 

My friends kept asking me for samples, but I guarded them until I knew I could get more. 

Everyone’s feedback was the same…potty duty is less messy, easier, quicker, & a little fun.

Every moment with your dog should be great. 

Do you want to keep using regular, square, black or army green bags forever?

We all have to take chances. 

For me, poop gloves happens to be one of them.


Why the name "Noble Pets Products"?
At the heart of our company, are service animals.

We donate our products to them as a "thank you" for their service.

They are the most Noble Pets we know.