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Complete Guide to being the Best Dog Parent Ever

Dog’s aren’t just our best friends– they’re family . So it’s important that we take action & learn everything we can about taking care of them.

No matter how much you know about being a dog parent, all our tips will take you from being an average owner to being one of the best.

Socialize Them

  1. A well socialized dog is a happy and well-balanced one. The best way to be certain your pup is outgoing and great with people or other animals is to take them out as much as possible when they’re young. Puppies love exploring the world at this age, so let them! It will help keep them even tempered as they get older.

Use a Harness

  1. When it comes to walking your dog, you have a lot of options for equipment that go beyond the standard leash and collar set-up. For example, did you know that harnesses are safer on your dog’s body than collars? They distribute pressure evenly around the torso, which means less strain on your dog’s neck.

Familiarize your Dog with the Neighborhood

  1. A good way to keep your pup active is taking them on walks through different areas of your town or neighborhood. You can find new animals, sights, smells, and people this way! Take a look at the local pet stores for tips on where to walk around you since they’re likely to have tips on the best dog-friendly routes. Added hot tip is to use your fancy poop gloves so everyone can see your style.

Monitor Their Weight

  1. To keep your pooch in tip top shape, it might be a good idea to invest in a quality food and water scale for the house. This way you can always monitor the amount of food your pup is eating throughout the day and make sure they’re getting enough exercise to burn it off. This way you can be certain they’re not underweight or overweight!

Limit Their Food Intake

  1. One of the best tips for keeping your canine healthy is keeping their weight in check with calorie counting and limiting snacks, if necessary, especially after meals. You might think they need more food to keep active during the day, but getting the right amount of food is more important than getting fed constantly.

Play with Them!

  1. Speaking of exercise tips, it’s important to remember that playtime is just as important for your dog’s health . A tired pup is a well-behaved one, so make sure they get the daily recommended amount of play time in order to stay well-rested.

Watch Their Bowls

  1. With all of this talk about food & playtime, water consumption is important too! Be certain that your pup only drinks out of the bowl you provide them with, even if they have access to other sources. Otherwise they might start misbehaving when they think it’s okay to drink elsewhere.

A Crate Is a Dog’s Best Friend

  1. If you’re going to get a crate for your pup, make sure it’s the right size and put it in a well-ventilated area. Picking out a crate is easy, but making sure you place it where there’s enough fresh air for your dog to breathe will make all the difference.

Crate Train Them

  1. Crate training is a great way to be certain your puppy and adult dog still feel like part of the family. If you don’t want them wandering around or climbing on furniture while you’re not home, it’s a good idea to use a crate as an alternative for those times when you do leave the house!

Be a Role Model

  1. Dogs are just like children– they learn from watching and imitating you. You can use this to your advantage with training tips. However, it’s also a good idea to be mindful of what you’re telling them indirectly when it comes to being happy, sad, energetic, etc.

Use Positive Reinforcement

  1. Keep in mind that you can use treats or praise to reinforce your dog’s behaviors. For example, if they sit when you ask them to, reward them with a treat. Or if they stay calm on the leash, give them lots of praise! Dogs are great at understanding tone and body language, so be certain you’re using this to your advantage.

Set Boundaries

  1. Speaking of tips to use with your pup, it’s important to act like the leader when training them. This means setting boundaries for them when it comes to when they can eat or enter certain rooms, where they’ll sleep at night, and so on. YOU are the boss. If you don’t want them wandering in front of your guests or jumping on the couch, let them know that those behaviors are not okay.

Be Patient and Consistent

  1. Every dog is different so it’s important to be patient with how they respond to training tips before expecting results! Keep in mind your pup can’t understand English, but should be able to pick out what you’re asking of them through your tone and body language. If you stay patient, tough, and consistent with your training tips, they’ll learn pretty quickly!

Take Your Dog Out Often

  1. Going back to tips for dog parents– as a pup parent it’s important to take them out as often as possible . Again, dogs are just like children so they need fresh air and exercise, too! If you’re not able to take them out as often as they need, either hire a dog walker or invest in doggy daycare.

When taking your pup out into the world, it’s important to learn tips for what types of places are okay for them to go into . It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when you’re learning tips for dog parents! You’d be surprised how much places like groomers and pet stores can do to your pup’s health (and happiness) if they’re not comfortable.

Learn Dog Lingo

  1. How well-versed are you in speaking “dog?” If you’re looking to better connect with your pup, learn how to communicate better with your pup , make sure you’re taking note of their body language. Their tail wagging and head tilting (and other physical movements) can be good indicators of what they’re thinking and feeling, so be certain you know tips to use at home when they’re making themselves comfortable!

Invest in Your Pup’s Health

  1. If you want your pup to excel their training tips, it’s important that they’re healthy! Keep them sheltered well, get them vaccinated if necessary, and invest in dog food that’ll meet their dietary needs. Like children, dogs depend on you to keep them healthy and happy, so make sure you’re doing just that!

Talk to a Vet

  1. Not only is it important to invest in tips for keeping your pup healthy, but getting tips from a veterinarian can be huge too. No matter how many tips we give (or how much you know about tips for dog parents,) they’re always the experts when it comes to tips on what’s healthy for your puppy. Whether it’s tips on vaccinations or tips on their diet, talking with a vet will give you is invaluable!

Just Like Children…

  1. Dogs are like kids– every one of them is different! So even if your neighbor’s dog can do tricks, doesn’t mean yours can. Encourage your pup to learn tips that’ll help them communicate with you better by using right timing and being patient. If that’s not working, it might be time to get tips from a trainer! Just like when our kids are growing up, sometimes tips from an expert can help us unlearn tips that aren’t working with our pup.

Remain Consistent

  1. No matter what tips you’re giving your pup– whether it’s tips on training or tips for appropriate behavior– remaining consistent is key. Even if one day they do something (like not coming to you when called), don’t make a huge deal about it. Make sure you’re delivering tips in a tough but kind way every time so that they understand your good intentions– being consistent is always key with tips for dog parents!

Do What’s Best for Your Pup

  1. This might be the most important tips for dog parents of them all ~~ don’t forget to be a dog parent! While tips from others might be helpful, be certain you’re making decisions that are best for your pup . For example, if someone tells you to discipline your pup by giving them a firm tug of their leash– don’t! Only use tips that make your life easier and help your pup grow into the kindest furry friend they can be.

We hope you enjoyed tips for what tips for dog parents should know! If you’re looking to learn more about tips on being the best owner, check back soon for new tips and tricks!